Thursday, 28 February 2013

Afternoon Tea Review - The Washington Mayfair Hotel

Review - The Washington Mayfair Hotel Afternoon Tea £18 per person

Our first afternoon Tea of 2013 was at this quiet hotel just off Piccadilly.  So quiet, in fact, that there was only one other party dining.   This wasn't particularly off-putting though, as the atmosphere of the restaurant was nice and relaxed for a Sunday afternoon tea.

The menu offered a Mayfair Tea for £18 or a Champagne Tea for £25. We opted for the Mayfair. The choice of teas was small - only 10 in all, most of which were from the London Tea Company. Disappointingly, there were only two black teas: English Breakfast (which turned out to be Twinings) and Earl Grey. However, they did have a green tea, a white tea and a variety of herbal teas on offer.  Mo went for the English Breakfast; Caroline, the Earl Grey; Charlotte, the White tea with elderflower and apricot; and Helen, the honorary tea lady for today, chose the Vanilla Chai. After some small confusion over "White tea" (the waiter thought we meant with milk!) the tea arrived.   Each of us was pleased with their choice, although unfortunately it was teabags rather than loose leaf. 18/30

The sandwich selection consisted of cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg on either white or wholemeal bread.  There were 2 of each per person, and they were served on a large plate with a small portion of crisps (flavour undiscernible, possibly bacon). The sandwiches, although plain, were very good but the crisps were a little confusing and not something we felt necessary with an afternoon tea. 19/30

There was only one scone each but they were the best scones we have had yet. Warm, fruity with a pleasing crust, a lovely soft texture inside and a great flavour. They were clearly homemade, and they arrived warm at the table, and were still warm when we'd finished the sandwiches.  20/30 over all - the score only brought down because we expect 2 scones per person.

The cakes again were very good. Lemon drizzle, macaroons of various flavours, raspberry pannacotta and a chocolate and vanilla layer, all prettily made and a nice dainty size. All were of good quality and we were pleased to see a good variety in the type of cake presented. 25/30

While there were undeniably a few niggles (sugar in packets, no 3 tier cake stand), we all enjoyed our afternoon tea at the Washington Mayfair.  The food was good quality and the surroundings were calm and relaxing.  If you want somewhere vibrant or trendy, this is not the place for you, but it's great for a quiet afternoon out with friends.  We really can't fault them on value for money, and we feel that a £18 per person this is definitely somewhere worth going.

Pros                                                                              Cons
Good value                                                                  Limited range of tea
Great scones                                                                Not somewhere for a special occasion
Peaceful atmosphere                                                   Elevator style music was off-putting


7.5 out of 10