Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tasseography - Reading tea leaves

Hello,  MysticMcmo here.

As it is Hallowe'en the Afternoon Tealadies have asked me to explain the mystery of reading tea leaves.  

I will share some of the secrets with you but of course not all of them.  For example, it takes many years to be able to read the future in floral tisanes, and don’t even get me started on tea bags.


First, make a pot of tea with loose tea leaves. Pour out a cup – preferably one with a nice plain inside (not using a strainer of course!)  and drink until about a half an inch is left at the bottom.  It may help you to think about the question you want answered while you drink the tea. 

 Actually, thinking about problems while drinking tea is recommended anyway.  Don’t dunk your biscuit  in the tea – that will dramatically change the reading

Swirl the tea 3 times round in the cup, then place it upside down on the saucer. Count to 7 and turn the cup right side up..

Empty your mind. Relax and prepare to interpret the images that have formed.

First consider the overall pattern. Many tea leaves left in a cup means a full or busy life.  (Or you like strong tea)

Anything in the very bottom of the cup is an area of your life that needs special attention.

Some symbols are obvious in their meaning. For example, a boat, train, car or plane means a journey.   Numbers refer to time.

Birds are generally a lucky sign, though a penguin suggests sorrow or angst.

Animals sometimes appear – obviously it depends on what those animals mean to you but in general the following apply:
Cat – home loving
Dog – loyalty
Lion – fear
Giraffe – something is just out of reach
Pig – happiness
Fish – water, perhaps a journey
Horse - partnership
Hippopotamus – vivid imagination

Letters of the alphabet mean people such as relatives, friends or associates. The closer to the handle, the more important they are to you
Poorly outlined shapes represent indecision, or laziness.  

Stars and triangles are risky, circles indicate success and squares mean security.
Below is a list of a few other shapes and their interpretations

Table – work
Owl – aging
Flowers – love
Pineapple – exotic
Snail – gardening
Ladder – a parking ticket
Lamp post – a dog
Skull – Shakespeare
Balloon – an explosion
Tea – you’re not really trying

Of course it takes years and a huge amount of guesswork  and creativity to become proficient in reading tea leaves but I hope that you at least have a go.  It’s amazing what you can see if you just look


* That's not me.  MysticMcmo can never be photographed

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